Friday, 15 April 2011


Received all my Zaini stuff through the post a few weeks ago and I must say it all looks great!! A more detailed description about the products they have on offer are viewable in my previous blog post: HERE

Here are a few pics of the Zaini Hats:

If anyone would like some Zaini stickers give me a shout and I will get hold of some for you!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Zaini Sponsorship

I have just received my first sponsor from "Zaini Hats". This is a fairly new company and was formed by Miranda Harper in October 2010. They currently have three different styles of crocheted hat all in a range of colours and also the crocheted 'slouchy slippers'. All of their products look great and I can't wait to receive my new stuff!!

"We are a new, colourful and affordable hat company offering a wide range of colour combinations of crochet ‘beanie’ hats FROM £15.99. All ZAINI hats are designed in the UK and are handmade from 100% soft acrylic yarn, for that luxurious feel! They provide warmth and are a great fashion accessory for any outfit – outdoor and indoor styles available to suit all ages and tastes."

You can view their website here at: Zaini Hats and all of their products are available to purchase immediately!

"ZAINI hats ... designed to turn heads!"

Brotherhood Mission Weekend

Last weekend I had Brotherhood member's George and Ryan over to stay at the Gunter family home. The saturday involved a drive to Shepperton to find it was still on 4 gates despite the heavy rain; we then headed off to find a very holey Hurley on 3 gates which proved to be a good session with just us three in the eddy. Saturday evening involved trading some banter with the local londoners for Ryan and George and then Sunday after a later start we went off to the London Boat Show where some of the lad's were performing as part of a flat water freestyle kayaking display and using a cable tow.

Here's a few pics from the weekend:

Bren Orton's video of the Freestyle Show:

HPP with Ange

I went up to Nottingham for the 28th-30th of January to paddle at HPP with Angela Thompson; her first paddle at the course. We were the only two camping on the whole campsite as it was supposed to be closed due to the recent cold weather bursting all of the pipes. Even through the cold we had a good few days paddling with the brotherhood. On the Wednesday we also went ice skating with Benn's and Rylark which proved to be a laugh out in Nottingham.

Also had a demo Star and All Star for the few days which we were there and am looking forward to trying out the Jackson Rock Star and the Wavesport Project X when they arrive over here in the UK.

Heres a few pics:

Monday, 3 January 2011

Hurley Classic Weekend - November 2010

The weekend of the Hurley Classic proved to be very low water and it was a bit touch and go as to whether the event would go ahead. Both events were able to run and 1 and 3 quarter gates which is certainly an interesting level which produced a unique wavey hole combo with a fairly nice shoulder. The Saturday was the least league event which went towards the overall standings for the GB Freestyle Team for Plattling. I headed down to Hurley for the Sunday Hurley classic event which proved to be a great day with the brotherhood and the event was run in heats format each lasting half hour. It was a great weekend had by all; just a shame about the low water! Many thanks to all of the judges and to Jacko for all of the organising that went into the weekend!!

Photos are available on Dave Wortley's flickr site:

Freestyle League - Hurley Event (Saturday)

Hurley Classic Event (Sunday)

Classic Results are available here: