Friday, 15 April 2011


Received all my Zaini stuff through the post a few weeks ago and I must say it all looks great!! A more detailed description about the products they have on offer are viewable in my previous blog post: HERE

Here are a few pics of the Zaini Hats:

If anyone would like some Zaini stickers give me a shout and I will get hold of some for you!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Zaini Sponsorship

I have just received my first sponsor from "Zaini Hats". This is a fairly new company and was formed by Miranda Harper in October 2010. They currently have three different styles of crocheted hat all in a range of colours and also the crocheted 'slouchy slippers'. All of their products look great and I can't wait to receive my new stuff!!

"We are a new, colourful and affordable hat company offering a wide range of colour combinations of crochet ‘beanie’ hats FROM £15.99. All ZAINI hats are designed in the UK and are handmade from 100% soft acrylic yarn, for that luxurious feel! They provide warmth and are a great fashion accessory for any outfit – outdoor and indoor styles available to suit all ages and tastes."

You can view their website here at: Zaini Hats and all of their products are available to purchase immediately!

"ZAINI hats ... designed to turn heads!"